Caregiver Activity Lesson Plan Book Volume 5

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Volume 5 of Caregiver Activity Lesson Plan Series provides caregivers of all types an outline for activities the individual they care for will engage in. With step-by-step instructions and easy to use templates, these Lesson Plans are invaluable tools. 

Throw away pre-conceived notions you have on how something should be done as your only goal should be to successfully and positively engage the one you care for. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to activities. There is only what works for you and your loved one.
This book contains some of the favorite Back to School Activity Lesson Plans from Professionals around the country from the following topics:
  • Home Economics 
  • Time and Money Templates 
  • Cooking 
  • Alphabet
  • Shapes
  • Penmanship 
  • Reading 
  • Math 
  • Geography 
  • American History 
Each Lesson plan - whether used for Activities of Daily Living or Leisure Activities - are meant as general guidelines and suggestions and do not guarantee success. Every person has his or her own unique physical / cognitive abilities and needs. How a participant responds to an activity will dictate how the Activity Leader will continue to modify or adapt a Lesson Plan to meet individual participants' needs and abilities - now and in the future. The Lesson Plan should be ever-changing. It is meant to be written on and to note the changes you may have made from the original plan so that the next person working with the participant can follow your modifications with the goal of recreating positive experiences. Information included in each Lesson Plan from R.O.S.: 

  • Objective: To provide meaningful, purposeful activities that will engage participants
  • Materials: Suggested materials/resources to use with this program
  • Activity Outline: Step-by-step instructions to complete the program
  • Evaluation: