Reminiscing Puzzle Book for the Low Functioning: Fruit

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This book, Reminiscing Puzzle Book for the Low Functioning Book is designed as a quick way to engage the one you care for based on a topic they are interested in: Fruit.

With proven ideas from dementia and quality of life experts, this Activities for the Low Functioning book from the 168 Hour Caregiving Work Week Series was designed to be used in one of two ways: 

  • A reminiscing tool – The images in the book can be used to calm your loved one while sparking a conversation
  • An activity – When printed, the individual images in this book can be cut in to a few pieces and used as a puzzle to engage your loved one

The best care someone can receive is with a person-centered approach. By using images from a topic that is of interest to your loved one, you can increase the chances that your loved one will engage in the activity.